Frustrated with Windows 8.x on your PC? If you are frustrated with the "Metro" (Live Tiles) user interface on Windows 8.x (especially if you don't have a touch screen monitor), Classic Shell is the solution to the problem. Classic Shell is Free software that will give you a familiar and fully functional desktop by giving you a proper Start Button and Start Menu. You will still be able to toggle over to the "live tiles" user interface with a mouse or screen click. But who would want to? (Note: If you do the install yourself, only install the Start Menu, turn off the other defaults.) Bottom line: Classic Shell will make your Windows 8.x computer functional.

Classic Shell

Classic Shell Homepage

YouTube: Classic Shell on Windows 8

Absolutely, positively don't want Windows 10? The Microsoft Windows 10 operating system is a "software-as-service" platform, that will, among other things, aggressively monitor and report on its users activities. Up till now, Windows 10 has been an "upgrade" that could be ignored, but soon Windows 10 will be a "recomended" update that will download automatically. Never10 is a small Free app for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs that will hide in the background and block any attempts by Microsoft to upgrade your system to Windows 10. Bottom Line: if you are satisfied with your current Windows OS (7 or 8.1), Never10 can stop a Windows 10 forced upgrade.


GRC|Never10 download page

YouTube: Never10

Need to Protect and Optimize your Computer? Below are Links to a number of utilities that will help keep your computer running safely and smoothly. I used to call this group of programs the "PC Survival Kit". In my opinion they represent the essentials to help you secure and optimize your PC. Many of the programs have a "pro" (pay) version that offer some extra features, but I find the Free versions to be adequate for what they do. Some of the programs may (unfortunately) include bundleware, so install them carefully. For more information, click on the Links.

Avast! Antivirus

Malwarebytes Anti-malware


CCleaner Disk Cleaner

Glary Utilities System Maintenance

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Disk Defrager


Winpatrol System Security

Utility Launcher 2.0 Utility Launcher (my Homemade Freeware) is a convenient launcher for clean-up and maintenance programs. You can place up to 20 clean-up and maintenance utilities under a single (1) icon, either on the desktop, or on the taskbar, so they can be accessed and run quickly. By itself UL really doesn't do much; it is like a ribbon that can tie a bouquet of utility programs together (into a "suite", if you will). UL has been around for a while, but, as long as I see it being downloaded, I'll keep it available. If you find my Homemade Freeware usefull, great! If not, simply delete it.

Utility Launcher

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